Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Earn Bitcoins When Someone Needs Your Services

Bitcoins, the quintessential secure online currency, is rapidly gaining momentum as the preferred mode of payment online. It has established itself as the leading Peer to Peer (P2P) virtual currency system due to its secure, simple and decentralized nature. With a substantial amount of online activity going around leveraging payments through bitcoins, the idea of earning bitcoins by helping other people online sounds great! While there exists other methods to earn bitcoins, they almost invariably involve wiring your money to currency exchange websites which in turn convert them to bitcoins - not a quite appealing proposition. Contrasted against this backdrop are websites like that offer the best way to earn bit coins - earning them by helping people!
The best thing about is the fact that you earn bitcoins doing what you do best or put more simply things that you can easily do online - with other people paying in bitcoins for the services that you render to them. This modus operandi ensures that there are no steep learning curves for what you have to do to earn bitcoins, you just do what comes naturally to you and whenever someone needs your services, your online bitcoin wallet gets a fresh flow of bitcoins. You think you know your talent and skills - go ahead create a post elucidating your abilities and services offered. Most of these jobs are just micro jobs that can earn you some easy bitcoins pretty quick while simultaneously allowing you to put your creativity and skills to task. With tasks as simple as YouTube video creation, article writing or just popularizing Facebook pages the opportunities are immense to earn ample bitcoins with little effort.
Alternatively, you could also spend a fortune of your hard earned money on buying expensive video cards and other expensive equipment (that you may never use!) to earn those elusive bitcoins rather than just earning them without spending a single penny. Sounds foolish? - it actually is! Consider you are a software programmer, you would hardly take an hour to code something which someone (a novice in programming) is willing to pay you bitcoins for - he gets his work done and you earn the bitcoins with minimal effort - it is as simple as that. So go ahead - take advantage of websites like to find what you can do, leveraging your extant skills and earn bitcoins for your online bitcoin wallet.

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